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Philadelphia, PA 09/14


Philadelphia, PA 09/14

New loop video for PREEXIST remix of “Eve”.  Now available for free download on bandcamp.

More Ghosts - Remixed, now available as pay what you want via bandcamp.  Thanks for your support!

Source: Bandcamp
9/19/14 — 3:40pm Short URL: Filed under: #remix 

New collab from RVLVR and me.  New direction for me.  Matches my remix project quite well.  New vid for that coming next week.  Please stay tuned!

Your Love, by The Outfield.  This is such a good song.  Digging this was such an unexpected surprise.  I love that feeling.


elements of home. simple things that fully capture my soul. 

Salt and Steel is where it’s at.


Highest Elevation on the Blue Ridge Parkway ⸗ Noah Siano
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